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It all commenced during his childhood when Brandon, a seven year old with an infatuation for arts took his initial steps onto the mat. Thanks to his fathers passion for MMA and previous involvement in jiu jitsu he was introduced to this captivating world. Little did he realize that this introduction would set the stage for changes in his life.

Right from the beginning Brandon was captivated by the essence of jiu jitsu. He attended classes with unyielding enthusiasm eagerly absorbing the knowledge and skills imparted by his instructors. However life presented him with challenges when family matters required him to halt his journey in jiu jitsu.

At thirteen years old fate intervened again. In a moment brimming with adversity Brandon found himself engaged in a street altercation where he instinctively employed the skills he had acquired years before to defend himself. This experience served as a moment that reignited his passion for jiu jitsu. Without hesitation or doubt he returned to his training grounds where the flame of devotion, to practice was rekindled.
Brandons passion, for jiu jitsu extended beyond growth. His willingness to assist others and share his knowledge caught the attention of Professor Carlos, who was a belt at the time. Brandon started helping during classes. His dedication didn’t go unnoticed. It wasn’t long before he was offered a teaching position initially focusing on kids classes but eventually expanding to groups well.

Teaching quickly became a source of joy for Brandon. He found fulfillment in bringing happiness to others and passing on the wisdom of jiu jitsu to new generations of practitioners. His aspirations within the jiu jitsu community are ambitious and inspiring—he dreams of earning his belt becoming a world champion and traveling across the globe to both compete and lead seminars.

Brandon draws inspiration from some figures within the jiu jitsu community including Professor Carlos himself Clinton Terry—a blind black belt—and the talented Ruotolo brothers. His favorite techniques and positions such as the triangle choke D’arce choke, kimura trap, helicopter triangle/armbar combo and crucifix hold all showcase his understanding of and admiration for this art.

As Brandon continues his journey in jiu jitsu he remains grateful, for the people he has met and befriended over the years. With their support he eagerly looks forward to embarking on adventures that await him in this world of jiu jitsu.

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