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Professor Carlos began his journey, into the world of grappling when he was 15 years old. He was attending American Senior High School at the time. Had the privilege of being guided by the high school coach, Ron Osorio. However due to some times he decided to move to Dania Beach, Florida where he could live with his father and seek discipline and an active lifestyle.

In his pursuit of maintaining discipline and an active routine Professor Carlos discovered Nova Union school under the guidance of Marcelo Melerio. For five years following that discovery he dedicated himself to training sessions and frequent participation in competitions. As a result of his work and dedication he earned his belt from Prof Marcelo. Unfortunately when the school closed down Professor Carlos contemplated leaving jiu jitsu

However it was the encouragement from his professor and teammates that persuaded him to take a path.

At an age of 22 with nothing holding him back he joined forces with his friend Juan Bacca. Together they established Atp Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in August 2014. On they received support from black belt world champion Robson Moura. After four years had passed since its inception on October 27th in 2018 Professor Carlos proudly achieved his belt under Prof Robson Mouras guidance. Inspired by Stephanie Baccas influence in his life he rebranded his school as Flowhouse Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Having taught jiu jitsu for, over a decade now brings joy to Professor Carlos as he witnesses his students thrive in this art form known for its gentleness.
He experiences satisfaction when he sees his students smiling on the mat whether its because they achieved victory, in competitions or moved up to the belt. His students serve as a source of inspiration for him just as he inspires them.

In jiu jitsu Professor Carlos has a fondness for positions such as the butterfly guard, x guard and back taking. He draws inspiration from the Marcelo Garcia, whose style had an impact, on him during the 2010s.

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